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SQN-5S Series II Miniature 5:2 ENG Audio Mixer

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A broadcast quality stereo portable mixer for TV, film and radio locations, 
With five full mic-powering input channels and twin camera drive

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The original SQN-5S as successor to the classic SQN-4S Series IVe offered the same convenience of
operation in exactly the same size case but with five channels and reduced weight. Recordists
familiar with the earlier mixer were immediately at home with the SQN5S and organizations that
had been using the 4S found the new mixer to be completely compatible with the old.
The new SQN 5S Series II expands upon the virtues of its predecessor, including transformerless input 
and output amplifiers for reduced weight and uninhibited bass, virtually unbreakable analogue level meters,
four channels of pre-fade listening, slating microphone, superb limiter, output feed for all five microphone
channels and logic processing of most switching giving a minimal length audio path.

Now there are two separate pairs of electronically balanced output line drivers and two pairs of monitor
return inputs (with front panel selection), allowing the use of two cameras or recorders. A simple adaptor
cable can be used to provide a second interface to standard SQN cabling. There are also four unbalanced outputs,
three on 3.5mm jacks and one on a multi-way connector. One jack is dedicated to mic level. Phones output is
on both quarter inch and 3.5mm jacks. Using 8 AA size internal alkaline cells, the SQN5S easily gets through
the working day without reloading, delivering 48V phantom power until the cells are completely exhausted.
The quick change battery compartment permits reloading in seconds. External power can be from 6V to 24V dc,
positive or negative to ground or floating.

The essential information for connecting to and operating the mixer is permanently printed on the baseplate.

SQN-5S Series II Features
Unsurpassed sound quality
Industry standard acceptability
User friendly ergonomic layout
Tried and tested electronic design
Superior mechanical engineering
Lowest running costs
Highest resale value
Long trouble-free service
The utmost in portability
Efficient factory back-up service

SQN5S Series II Specification

Mixer Inputs
Five transformerless balanced inputs using XLR-3 type female connectors. Each channel is switchable for:


a) 12V T (Din AB)
b) 12V Phantom
c) 48V Phantom
d) Dynamic (150 to 600 Ohms)


Setting an internal switch on each channel enables automatic insertion of an extra 10dB of attenuation
when mic powering is selected. This is achieved without compromising the noise performance of the

3.Bass Cut:

Flat, -6dB or -16dB at 50Hz

4.Line Attenuation:

Adds 50dB attenuation before the mic preamp.

Sensitivity : 78dBu for nominal line level (PPM4, 0VU) with the channel gain at maximum and the
master gain at 0dB

Max Level, Mic Inputs : 20dBu (+4dBu with full attenuation)
Noise Figure : 130dBu (A weighted) from a 200 Ohm source.
Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20kHz +0, -1dB, referred to 1kHz.
Crosstalk : Isolation, channel to unrelated channel: 75dB at 1kHz, 60dB at 15kHz.
Channel Configuration : The mixer has five input channels, all of which have the same input selectors,
bass cuts and attenuators.

The routing arrangements for CH1 & 2 differ from those for CH3, 4 & 5.

Options available

SQN-5SB : With Peak Programme Meters - BSI / BBC scales
SQN-5SN : With Peak Programme Meters - Nordic Norm scales
SQN-5SA : With Peak Programme Meters - SMPTE scales
SQN-5SV : With VU meters
Manufacturer SQN
SQN-5S Series II Miniature 5:2 ENG Audio Mixer
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