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SQN-4S_mini mk II Miniature 4:2 ENG Audio Mixer

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The SQN-4S_mini , an upgraded revision of the SQN-2S which created new size and weight
for the miniature ENG mixer, has placed the essence of the well known
SQN-4S Series IVe 4:2
mixer into a case identical in size to the earlier SQN-3M mono mixer.

A new version, the SQN4S mini mkII, has been developed and now permits line input on all
channels and provides individual pre-fade output of all 4 channels. This tiny mixer is capable
of carrying out virtually any of the tasks commonly required of a portable mixer in location
recording and outside broadcast.

Two of the input channels, CH1 & CH2, are conventional microphone channels with the full
of powering bass cut and attenuation. This pair can also be MS matrixed.

The second pair, CH3 & CH4, have a reduced gain and no powering. They are intended for
use with
Radio Mics or other self-powered mics. All channels can be routed Left, Right or
Centre (both).
The mixer includes balanced transformerless input and output amplifiers, virtually
analogue level meters, pre-fade listening (on CH4), slating microphone, a minimal
length audio
path with the option of MS matrixing of CH1 & CH2. The limiter is identical to the
design already
proven in the SQN 4S as is the low distortion tone oscillator. MS decoding of the
monitoring is also provided.

The essential information for connecting to and operating the mixer is permanently printed on
the baseplate.

SQN 4S mini mk II Features

Unsurpassed sound quality
Industry standard acceptability
User friendly ergonomic layout
Tried and tested electronic design
Superior mechanical engineering
Lowest running costs
Highest resale value
Long trouble-free service
The utmost in portability
Efficient factory back-up service

Options Available

SQN-4SMB : With Peak Programme Meters - BSI / BBC scales
SQN-4SMN : With Peak Programme Meters - Nordic Norm scales
SQN-4SMA : With Peak Programme Meters - SMPTE scales
SQN-4SMV : With VU meters
SQN-4S mini mk II 4:2 Stereo ENG Mixer

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