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PANASONIC AV-HS410E_Multi Format_HD/SD_Live Switcher

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Live Video Mixing Compact Production Switcher, 
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Panasonic AV-HS410E  is compact and versatile with nine inputs standard (eight HD-SDI, one scaleable HD DVI-D),
and is expandable using option boards to a maximum of 13 HD/SD switchable signal inputs.

Five HD-SDI and one DVI-D outputs are also standard with option boards enabling expansion to a maximum of 10 outputs.

Two expansion slots allow the simultaneous use of up to two AV-HS04M Series dual-channel input or output boards.

Four Aux busses are provided to enable versatile production workflow, with mix transitions available on AUX1.
Dual PinP (with transition memories), one DSK, and an upstream keyer with 3D flying key and Primatte® Chroma
key capabilities are also provided. Numerous high-quality 3D and 2D effects are available for transitions for both
background and key.

All input channels feature a built-in switchable frame synchronizer, while upconverters are

available for four channels and 16-axis color correction for the eight standard HD-SD/SDI inputs.
The HS410’s system frequency is switchable among 60Hz, 50Hz, and 24Hz, enabling international
operation and digital cinema style live switching.

The Panasonic AV S410E is user-friendly interface is distinguished by the 7” WVGA (800 × 480 pixels) 
color LCD monitor that,
in addition to displaying settings and menus, can show input and output video,
waveform monitor readings
and even the Multiviewer display. MultiViewer configurations include assignable
screen divisions into
4, 5, 6, 9, 10 or 16 sections and support the display of time, audio level meters
and 4:3 markers.

The switcher’s simple panel layout features dedicated buttons for many common functions,

such as PinP 1/2, as well as A bus and B bus rows with 12 crosspoint buttons (22 with shift function),
allowing easy access to a variety of internal and external sources.

AVHS410E Features

HD/SD multi-format support, including 1080/24PsF
System frequency : 60 Hz/50 Hz/24 Hz switchable
Standard inputs : 8 SDI (HD/SD) and 1 DVI-D
Standard outputs : 5 SDI (HD/SD) and 1 DVI-D.
Expandable to up to 13 inputs or 9 outputs using popular AV-HS04M-series option boards
Equipped with 4 up-converter channels, 8 dot by dot channels, and eight 16-axis video processing channels
The new Video Memory function allows recording and playback of 2 inputs for still or moving pictures with key signals.
The new Memory Preview function improves live relays by providing previews of shot memory and event memory image effects
Compact, one-piece single rack width design ideal for small control rooms and mobile applications
All input channels feature switchable frame synchronizers

Manufacturer Panasonic
PANASONIC AVHS410E Compact expandable multi-format HD/SD video switcher with 9+ inputs

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